Season 1 of Back in the City is a comedy series on Disney Channel. It was announced January 20, 2017 and will premiere July 21, 2017.

Episodes Edit

  1. 07/21/17 - Pilot
  2. 08/04/17 - Big Trouble in the Big Apple
  3. 08/11/17 - Just Your Average Ross
  4. 08/18/17 - Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned

Cast Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Emma Ross (Peyton List) - the 18 year old daughter of Christina and Morgan; Luke's sister
  • Luke Ross (Cameron Boyce) - the 15 year old son of Christina and Morgan; Emma's brother.
  • Christina Ross (Christina Moore) - the mom of Emma and Luke.
  • Morgan Ross (Chip Esten) - the dad of Emma and Luke.
  • Rhoda Chesterfield (Carolyn Hennesy) - the neighbor of the Ross family.
  • Tony Chiccolini (Chris Galya) - the doorman of the Ross' apartment building.
  • Bertram Winkle (Kevin Chamberlin) - the butler of the Ross family.

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