Beach Bummed is an episode from Season 3.  


Jessie decides to take Luke, Ravi, and Emma to the beach. But when they get there they deal with a few problems from sand in the face to a bossy lifeguard (Mark Wahlberg). Meanwhile, Bertram deals with some problems of his own when he reluctanly agrees to look after Mrs. Kipling at home.


Absent: Skai Jackson as Zuri.

Mark Wahlberg guest stars in this episode as a lifeguard named Daniel, who is a friend of Bertram.

This episode was very controversial because it depicts Jessie in a bikini, Luke's reaction to seeing Jessie in it, Mrs. Kipling licking Jessie's bare feet and tickling her, Emma losing her swimsuit in the ocean and everyone seeing her naked, and Ravi throwing sand at seagulls.

It is revealed that Luke likes Superman better than Batman.

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