Bella Fragley
Bella jessie fanon wiki
Full Name

Isabella Grace Fragely





Date of Birth

April 3rd, 1997

Resides in

New York


student, photographer



First Episode

JESSIE Magazine

Last Episode

JESSIE Magazine

Portrayed By

Gwinnith Jones

Isabella (Bella) Fragely is a teen photographer.  She's bubbly, annoying, and pretty weird.  In her first episode, Jessie wins a photoshoot to Vouge, but she doesn't know Bella is a teenager.  She is partrayed by Gwinnith Jones.


She is very bubbly, but also ditzy and annoying.  She gets angry when she doesn't get what she wants, just like she did in Jessie Magazine.  She can also be creepy, maybe even TOO creepy.  In Bella's Revenge, she tries to get revenge on the Ross kids, Katie, and Jessie for not doing the photoshoot, and she really REALLY scares them in that episode.


Jessie PrescottEdit

The two girls are enemies, and have never been friends.  Although they are both A+ students, these girls will never get along.

The 4 Ross KidsEdit

Emma likes her style, luke thinks she's pretty, and Ravi and Zuri like to hang out with her, but in Bella's revenge, they all turn agaimst her for scaring them constantly.

Katie MarchEdit

Katie really liked her in Jessie Magazine, but she still kinda liked her in Bella's Revenge.  Katie believed that even if Bella was only a year older than her, she can do it.(only mentioned to Bella)

Ross PenthouseEdit

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