Luke is framed at school and gets expelled.


family eating breakfast*

Luke: ugh, Monday!

Zuri: *sick, with thermometer in mouth* Ha!

Luke: Hmph.

Jessie: *checks watch* 7:59! bus comes in 1 minute, so get to school! *hands lunches*

Emma, Ravi and Luke: *go in elevator to get to school*

theme song*

at school*

Tiffany and her 2 sidekicks: *walk up to Emma laughing*

Tiffany: Wow! Amethysts in your shoes! What year is it, 2009?

Tiffany: What year is it, 2009?

Sidekicks: *laugh*

Emma: Um, these are my arrive at school shoes! My going to school shoes had ambers in them, and my first period shoes, which I should be wearing now, have emeralds in them! You wear the same shoes all day long! What year is it, 2007?

Sidekick: *gives Tiffany one her shoes, which she swaps with Tiffany's*

Tiffany: Julie was holding my first period shoes. Thanks, Julie! Kisses!

Rosie: Hey, you should be lucky! I've only got 1 pair, and they don't have any jewels in them!

Tiffany: *laughs* Poor girl! *walks away with sidekicks*

Luke: *to one of his friends* That was Tiffany! She's so hot!

Friend: Her hair is like a field of gold!

Tiffany: *to Luke* How cute! How would you like to carry my books?

Luke: Wow! S-sure!

Tiffany: Thanks! I take all honors classes, so put them there. I always sit in the seat next to Amelia Parker so I can cheat off of her. Toodles!


camera shows Emma, Rosie and Hannah by their lockers*

Hannah: Wow! Third period, and I've not heard anyone cry yet! Maybe Tiffany went home sick?

pop music plays as a girl turns on a fan so Tiffany can walk down with her hair blowing*

Tiffany: *done walking* Look, Autumn and is talking to Ian Anderson, that geek! They must be going out!

Everyone: *laughs*

Autumn: We're just lab partners!

Ian: I knew it, you are embarassed to be going out with me! We're through!

Autumn: But-

Tiffany: *laughs*

Emma: It's ok Autumn!

Autumn: How I hate her!

Luke: *walks up to Tiffany* So, uh... would you... um... wanna go out with me sometime?

Tiffany: *takes books from Luke* Bye!

Luke's friend: It was too good to be true...

The Gorilla: *watching Luke* Hehe...

next day, kids getting to school*

Tiffany: MY LOCKER!!!

Her locker says, "U STINK TIFFINY"

Tiffany: My name isn't even spelled right...

Principal: *walks by* What's all the comotion?

Tiffany: My locker was vandalized!

Principal: Whoever did this is in serious trouble!


Emma: *to Luke* They're using a lying test, where you say something, and they print a piece of paper saying, "They're lying"...

Luke: then what?

Emma: They examine your records.

Gorilla: I know who did it!

Everyone: Who?!

Gorilla: Luke Ross! He asked Tiffany out, and she rejected!

Principal: hmm...he does have a big detention record... and he has done slight vandilism before. Luke, you're EXPELLED!!


later, after commercials*

Jessie: Luke was expelled?!

Ravi: Yes, but it doesn't seem like Luke would do something that bad!

Luke: I didn't!

Jessie: You flooded the school basement? How do I just know this now?

Luke: Heh heh...

the next day, Wednesday*

Emma, with Autumn, Rosie, and Hannah: I don't think Luke did it...

Autumn: if he didn't, who did?

Hannah: The Gorilla? He did bring it up yesterday...

Rosie: Maybe Tiffany so he would stop bothering her?

later, at lunch*

Emma: Tiffany and Gorilla are walking in together, Autumn, go look.

Autumn: *walks close to them*

Tiffany: Thanks for helping me get Luke in trouble!

Gorilla: No problem! Hehe...

Autumn: *reports news to Emma*

Emma: *pulls out phone* Now I've just got to record it...

Autumn, Rosie, and Hannah: *take out their phones*

Hannah: *to Rosie* Um... can you record with that phone?

Rosie's phone is an old Blackberry Pearl which is one of those fliptop ones*

Rosie: I can do videos... with sound...

Hannah: Good enough.

commercial break*

Emma: *walking by herself, then comes across Tiffany and starts following her*

Tiffany: *to other sidekick, not Julie* So I was GONNA get the pearl boots with the pink laces, but then I saw these REALLY cute black boots with blue laces, and they were on sale. So I got those instead!

Other sidekick: They make you look, like, totes adorbs!

Tiffany: ikr

Julie: I went to H&M the other day, and they had this buy 1 get 1 free sale and I saw this WAY cute frilly yellow dress with a sewn-in black ribbon wrapped around the waist, and then there was this way cute purple laced jacket that was in this lovely lilac color-

Emma: (I gotta go to H&M after school!)


Rosie: *following Tiffany*

Tiffany: Of course, he was too dumb to ever know!

Rosie: (Aw shucks, I only got the last part of it)


Hannah: *following Tiffany, who tells the sidekicks the whole story, and records it*

later again*

Hannah: OMG Emma!

Emma: What?!

Hannah: I got the whole thing on tape!

Autumn: Wow!


Luke: *coming back into school* Thanks again Emma.

Emma: oh, no probs!

Luke's friend: Welcome back man!

Zuri: So it looks like Luke's back again.

Emma: Yep. We got Tiffany suspended, too!


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