Gallery of the band Club 363

This is going to be another singing Jessie episode.

(Katie March is sick in this episode)

Songs they Altogether sing:Edit

Luke, Luke,Luke (Surprise song danced to by Skyler,she happened to get a record deal on it) By Skyler Jones

Impovasion Song (Improvised song which ends out terribly) By Club 363

Something about the sunshine (sung by only Makenzie, but Katie intterupts one part)

Mackenzie's SinglesEdit

Stranded (sung by only Mackenzie) by Greyson Chance

Call me maybe (sung to supposedly to Luke, by only Mackenzie) By Carly Rae Jepsen

Something about the sunshine (sung by mainly Mackenzie) by Anna Margaret

Dreaming Of You (by only Mackenzie) by Selena

Summertrain (Mackenzie) by Greyson Chance

Mean by Taylor Swift

Growing Up by Taylor Swift

Oh Baby, Baby (Werewolf way)

You Can't Resist by Mackenzie Willows

Katie's SinglesEdit

Summer Love Song by Brooke Hyland

...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears (Mackenzie sings it too, but in the Werewolf way)

Summer's Not Hot By Selena Gomez

Something about the Sunshine (Part of it sung by Katie) by Anna Margaret

Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

Meadows (Sung by her, but she sneezes a lot, so, she decides to stop)

Luke's SinglesEdit

I'll be there by Michal Jackson

What Makes You Beautiful by 1 --------->