“Creepy Connie + Kaylee”
Season (unknown), Episode (unknown)
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Creepy Connie + Kaylee is an episode of Jessie.


A giant hurricane comes and Emma is upset because she couldn't go to the Austin Moon concert with her friends because of the hurricane. Kaylee Morris is trying to find someone to get revenge on Jessie and the kids. Creepy Connie is still obsessed with Luke and she's upset because Luke refused to kiss at his school auditorium. Kaylee is calling random phone numbers so she can find someone to help her. Kaylee calls Connie and Connie meets Kaylee at the Central Park. Kaylee and Connie talk. Kaylee and Connie are thinking what should they do to get revenge on Jessie and the kids. Kaylee made a magic potion so Connie can turn into a monster. Connie drinks the magic potion and she's growing hair way too fast. Connie is nervous because she doesn't wanna be embarrassed. Connie hides in a giant box and Kaylee takes Connie with her. Kaylee and Connie go to Agatha's house. Connie and Kaylee talk, Connie grows teeth and vampire hair. Connie keeps turning into a monster. Kaylee is excited because she's going get revenge on Jessie. Kaylee and Connie are planning to hurt Bertram. Jessie watches the news.

Cast Edit

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