Darla, Darling is the first episode of Season 4 besides The Luke Lover. In this episode, Stefanie Scott will guest star as Darla.


Darla (Stefanie Scott) and her rich boyfriend (Milton James) visit New York from Las Vegas and come to visit Jessie and the gang in the upper-west side. Will she cause Trouble?


Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott

Peyton List as Emma Ross

Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross

Karan Brar as Ravi Ross

Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross

Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram Winkle

China Anne Mcclaine as Camile

Matt Bennett as Wilfred

Guest StarsEdit

Stefanie Scott as Darla Prescott

Milton James as Ross the Pensioner (Darla's Boyfriend)

Greg Abbey as Col. Prescott (Jessie's Dad) 


Scene One

Jessie: Alright, Rosslings, my friend Darla is coming to visit us, so I need you to be on your best behavior. 

Emma: OK, as long as I can have the new myTab 10.

Jessie: No, Emma, the myTab 10 costs $20,000.999


Jessie: What would your mom and dad say?

Emma: (Sighs)

Zuri: What's Darla like?

Jessie: She has blonde hair, she only cares about herself, she has a 63 year old boyfriend.

Zuri: She sounds a lot like Lexi from A.N.T Farm.

Jessie: She's not!

(New Theme Song, Hey Jessie (Acoustic))

Scene Two

Luke: When's Darla coming?

Jessie: In two days.

(Elevator Pings)

(Audience Cheers)

Darla: Hey, Jessie!

Jessie: Darla! 

Luke: Oh my god! She's actually Lexi!

Darla: I know, I get shot by Paparazi all the time!

Ravi: Zuri, please let me in!

Zuri: No!

Ravi: I said sorry to Millie!

Zuri: You almost broke her fins!

Ravi: Mrs Kipling didn't do that much damage!

Zuri: Tell that to her fins.

Camile: Ravi, Zuri stop fighting and do your homework!

Wilfred: Come on Camelot let's go to the movies.

Camile: I told you to stop calling me that! Just buy me popcorn and gummy bears.

Wilfred: Of course darling.

Scene Three

Bertram: Camile why are there toenail clippings in the cereal?

Camile: I put them there.

Wilfred: Camile would you marry me?

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