“Dream Dancer”
Season 3, Episode 5
Glitzy Girls
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Dream Dancer 1

Emma helping Jessie with the gift bags.

Dream Dancer 2

Zuri and Bertram waiting for the limo in the streets.

Glitzy Girls
"Dream Dancer" is an episode of JESSIE. This is a a mini movie.


Christina Ross is making a competition for american dancers called "Dream Dancer". The dancers compete against each other to win $2,000,000. There is drama between Abby Lee Miller, Christina, and other moms. Christina tells Luke to compete, Luke does a tap solo called "The Prince", but he's embarrased. Maddie Ziegler won the $2,000,000.


Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott

Peyton List as Emma Ross

Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross

Karan Brar as Ravi Ross

Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross

Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram Winkle

Breanna Keller as Lisa Morris

Jessie Parks as Mackenzie Willows

Isabella Palmieri as Katie March

Claire Engler as Skyler Jones

Christina Moore as Christina Ross

Jazmyn Bieber as Jasmine Ross

Jaxon Bieber as Jaxon Ross

Tyrel Jackson Williams as Theo

Guest StarsEdit

Dancers in the competitionEdit

Brooke Hyland

Chloe Lukasiak

Kendall Vertes

Mackenzie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler

Nia Frazier

Paige Hyland


Scene 1Edit

At the penthouse

Christina: Jessie, I am holding a dance contest for all dancers in the abby lee dance company

Jessie: Great is Maddie Ziegler in the contest she is my favorite.

Christina: Of course she is she's a national champion

Christina: I bet she's gonna win

Jessie: me too

Scene 2Edit

Abby lee dance company

Abby: Listen up girls we have a very packed week so we need to get this pyramid done

Abby: On the bottom Nia, Paige, Kendall, and Brooke

Abby: Middle Mackenzie and Chloe

Abby : And on the Top Maddie

Abby: we are traveling to New York for a dance contest, you girls will be competing against each other.

Abby you will all have solos

Abby Maddie you will do two solos one lyrical called Cry and a tap one called you and me against the world

Abby Chloe you will do a contemporary solo called please

Abby Mackenzie you will have a jazz solo called reach for the stars

Abby Paige you will have a musical theatre solo called tongue twister

Abby Brooke you will have a acro solo called break me

Abby Kendall you will have a jazz solo called kiss kiss

Abby and Nia you will have a solo called Bollywood

Abby ok girls let's get started

Scene 3Edit

Christina Luke you are going to do a solo called The Prince

Luke Why?

Christina Because I need someone to compete against the amazing Madison Nicole Ziegler.

Luke No way Maddie Ziegler is gonna compete

Christina Yeah of course she's amazing

Luke I have such a crush on her

Christina Well your gonna meet her so get ready

Luke runs to his room


  • All the girls from Dance Moms appear in this episode.