Emma Gets Served
Season 4, Episode 2
Emma Bullied
Air date January 20, 2014
Written by Sammydiego
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Jessie in A fight with Emma
Zuri's double
 Emma Gets Served is an upcoming episode of JESSIE.


Emma deals with a new girl named Beth and goes to Jessie for advice, Zuri makes a bet with Ravi to see who can throw more toys away without falling.


  • Debby Ryan as Jessie Presott
  • Peyton R. List as Emma Ross
  • Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross
  • Karan Brar as Ravi Ross
  • Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross
  • Kevin Chamberlin

Recurring CastEdit

  • Katherine McNamara as Beth


  • Katheryn McNamara will star in this episode
  • As of this episode all will air on Monday along with A.N.T Farm and Dog With A Blog
  • This is a out of place episode
Emma Bullied

Emma VS. Bryn

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