Hey Jessie! (aka:Falling Family) is a 90 minute movie about Jessie being fired and the ross family falling apart which will air October 14, 2016.


After finding out about Jessie taking the kids going to live in Hollywood, Christina fires Jessie. Jessie goes back to Hollywood only to have no place to live. After Tony lets Jessie stay at his house in Hollywood, she finds a couple problems that get them thrown out; Luke and Zuri run away because of Jessie being fired; Emma and Ravi go to looking for Jessie so she fix the family and to have her back as a nanny. Meanwhile, Christina and Bertram go looking for Luke and Zuri. While searching, Bertram tells Christina about Jessie and she realizes that she is a important part of the Ross family.


-Many sources count this as an episode, but really is a movie which makes Lost In The City the se3ason 5 finale.

-The original tittle for this was Falling Family.

-The original plot was about the Rosses getting their own TV show in Hollywood, but Jessie gets banned so the kids then chase after her.

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