Jessie idol

This is another singing, dancing, acting show of Jessie. It is the last 1-hour episode besides the last one

More info coming soon when info is found to give


  • Debby Ryan as Judge Jessie (Jessie Prescott)
  • Peyton List as Emma Ross
  • Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross
  • Karan Brar as Ravi Ross
  • Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross
  • Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram Winkle
  • Jessie Parks as Mackenzie Willows
  • Breanna Keller as Lisa Morris

Please ask me if you want your character in this. She/he is NOT likely to get in, though.


Scene 1Edit

Jessie: Hey, guys. I have an idea. Remember a week ago we had that Dream Dancer thingy in New York? Maybe we should do like a talent show.

Luke: I am done with talent shows. Remember that day..... (flashback of a part of Fight of the Funeral)

Macy: I think it'll be fun.

Luke: I'm with Mackenzie.

Macy: Luke, your a creep. (Luke's head on her shoulder)

Luke: "Sigh" I know.

Emma: That's awesome, Jessie! I could be the clothes designer!!!

Zuri: Wait, Wait, Wait. You really want to do another show when you... can't....act... or sing (looks over her shoulder)... or dance....

Jessie: ANYWAY, We should all have pairs.

(Ravi runs to Macy)

Ravi: Wanna be my partner?

Macy: Um, Sure I-

(Emma runs to Macy)

Emma: Hey, Macy, Wanna be my partner?

Macy: Well, I guess so but-

Luke: I'm sorry, but she's my partner

Macy: Actually-


Macy- I beg to differ-


Macy- GUYS!

(ALL Silentt)

Macy: Thank you. (to Jessie) Jessie, is it ok if I go solo?

Jessie: Yes.

Emma: WHAT? Macy! You can't go solo!! We're a team.

Macy: I'm sorry, I...

(Mackenzie leaves)

Emma: (Points to Luke) Why do you hate me and scare away all my friends?

Luke: This would be a bad time to tell her I never shower............

Ravi: What does THAT have to do with anything?

Luke: Runs out screaming.

Jessie: I don't get that boy.

Zuri: We all don't.

Jessie: Well, you guys should compete! Please, this could be my big break!!! My big hit!!! My big-

Emma: Vane?

Jessie: No! My big-

Zuri: Zit?

Jessie: It's not that big. And, what I was going to say was my big-

Luke: Toe?

Ravi: Foot?

Zuri: Mouth?

Emma: Pimple?

Jessie: Okay, you guys clearly need to stop listening to my doctor oppointments!

Scene 2Edit

(Jessie and Tony are in the lobby)


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