Jacob Walker better know by Anakin by the Ross family is the best friend of Jessie.
Jacob 'Anakin' Walker
Full Name

Jacob Walker


Anakin (by the Ross family) Diddy (by Jessie sometimes)



Date of Birth

May 8th 1995 (age 19)

Resides in

Manhattan, New York City, New York


Student Football


Walden Academy (12th grade)


Claire Walker (mother)


Emma Ross (Ex-Girlfriend) Jessie Prescott


Emma Ross (Girlfriend) Ravi Ross Luke Ross Jessie Prescott (best friend)



Jacob Walker is a new kid in New York and is the crush of Emma Ross.


Jessie Prescott- Jacob and Jessie really care about each other. Jessie finds out from Zuri that Jacob might possibly have a huge crush on her but she tells Zuri he likes Emma. Jessie has had a crush on Jacob since she met him.

Emma Ross- Jacob and Emma seem to have a crush on each other and begin to date. Jacob later finds out he's always liked Jessie since high shcool.

Luke Ross- Jacob and Luke don't ever get along real well simply for the fact they both have a crush on Jessie.

Zuri Ross- Jacob really cares about Zuri a lot and doesn't want her to get hurt.

Ravi Ross- Ravi gets along with Jacob really great.

Tony- Jacob is actually Tony's cousin who never knew about Jacob's massive crush on Jessie.

Morgan Ross- Jacob meets Morgan when he gets the lead part of his movie.

Christina Ross- Christina Ross cares about Jacob and offers him to live with the Ross family.

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