Jessie, Meet Jessie! is an episode of Jessie. It guest stars Jessie J as herself. 


Hit British singer Jessie J is doing a concert in Central Park. It's really busy in New York City as there's a big festival going on so Jessie invites Jessie J to stay with them because Jessie J knows Morgan and Christina and she is going to be in Morgan's new film! Jessie J also does a mini concert and she sings new song Wild and hits like Price Tag, Domino, Who You Are, Laserlight, My Shadow, L.O.V.E., Stand Up, Who's Laughing Now, Nobody's Perfect, Do It Like A Dude, Abracadabra, Rainbow& more! 


Special Guest StarsEdit


  • This episode has an alternative title of 'The Other Jessie'.
  • Jessie J sings. 
  • It is a 45 minutes long episode.

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