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(to be continuted)

Jessie: They could of had an abortion! .....I'm not helping am I

(they all look at her sternly)

Christina: Emma! Wait!

(Emma slams her bedroom door)

Christina: Emma , Sweetie open the door

Emma: I'm never talking to you again! I hate you!

(Christina looks hurt,and goes back down stairs)

Christina: She said she...... hates me

(the family looks suprised)

(the next day everyone in the family has tried talking to Emma except for her siblings)

Jessie: Hey....Christina?

Christina: What is it Jessie?

Jessie: I think I know how to get Emma to calm down

Christina: And.... How is that? know how this is about her siblings , so why not have her talk to them!?

(a imaginary lightbulb appears above Christina's head)

Ravi: Emma , can we come in

Emma: No

Zuri: Pleasssse

Emma: NO

Luke: Come on, just let us in!

(Emma finnaly opens the door and they all walk in)

Ravi: Emma you could of told us you were feeling this way

Zuri: Yea,we're always here for you

Luke: I geuss we always are upset because we feel like our parents didn't want us and we forgot to ask you how you felt?!

Emma: Thanks guys! I love you!

Ravi,Zuri, and Luke : We love you to

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