This is Jessie Fanon Roleplay. Roleplay with your characters only. The only acception for using someone's character is if you have permission. Mysterygirl000 has permission to any of my characters. You can use all the TV show characters from JESSIE, though.


Mackenzie hugged Luke, "Oh, Luke, Thank you so much!" - 16.505225cb (talk) 00:51, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

Do not put your roleplay in italics, and please stay on topic. If it says, "Jessie put the cat in the sewer", please dont not put anything like "Lisa then gave Emma a hug", because that has nothing to do with the topic. If you want to change topics whatsoever, you can put Meanwhile.... or In the Meantime, or things like that.

Also, do not use characters from other books or movies, unless they are guest starring.

If this roleplay doesnt work out, I have every right to close it. See Jessie Fanon Roleplay 2 for more fun topics!

The topic is SCHOOL TIME BLUES!!


Mackenzie put her backpack on her shoulder. "Ugh!! Another boring day at school just waiting to happen." she said, not very enthusiastic. 16.505225cb (talk) 04:30, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

SHE HAS TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM WITH MACKENZIE, BUT I'LL LET IT SLIDE. Camile threw a pot at her mother. "I will NOT go to school for another 365 days of boredum!" She said angrily.

Mackenzie shifted onto the Ross's couch. " Hey Emma; Hey Camile," Mackenzie said again, not enthusiasticly. "Don't you wish that school could end? Why do we go to school anyway? It's just 6 hours of wasted time.

"I know right!!" Emma agreed. "They should at least have a store that sells clothes or something at school. That would make it more fun!" She plopped her head on the couch pillow.

Mackenzie's face brightened. "That's it!!" she yelled. " That's exactly right! We should have a Student Store for Girls and Luke and Ravi could run a Student Store for boys. I'm the Student Body President, I could make that work! What do you think, Camile? Will you join us?" 16.505225cb (talk) 20:51, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

Luna walked through the elevator before Camile could speak. "Hey Mackenzie, what's up? We got to go to school.. like RIGHT NOW." She glanced at Camile, then looked back at Mackenzie. She pushed Camile away and sat between the two.

"We are, I know," she said. "But can you join in a school project?" 

"Sure, What?" 

"We are going to do a Student Store!"

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