Jessie Season 4 Episode 24 : Emma has had Enough! Edit

FYI : This is the last fan fiction episode of Jessie of season 4 , scroll down if you want to see the first episode! Edit

( The Ross clan had just gotten home from school,and Jessie was waiting for them.) ( Emma came out of the elevator first)

Emma: Jessie! Can I ask you something?

Jessie: Sure!

Emma: Well... there is this big fashion show this weekend and i was wondering if you would come with me?

Jessie: I would....( Luke interuppted her)

Luke: Jessie! There is this big wrestling match this weekend and would you come with me?

Jessie: Well I.....

Luke: pleassssse

Jessie: Okay, fine!

Luke: Great! Thanks!

(Emma looked offended)

Jessie: (whispers) Sorry! He kinda is adopted!

Emma: Its okay I'll just ask my mom...

(Christina is in the Screening room looking at some of her fashions)

Emma: Hey Mom! I Wanted to know if you wanted to go to this fashion...( she was interrupted by Zuri)

Zuri: Mommy?

Christina: Yes, Sweetie?

Zuri: Can you come to my princesess tea party this weekend?

Christina: (looked over at Emma before answering) Well honey.... (she was interrupted by Emma)

Emma: Its okay mom I will just ask Dad....( her voice trailed off)

Christina: Alright! (whispers) You know how Zuri is adopted...

Emma: Yep! That seems to be the reason alot lately

(Morgan was in the living room working on his laptop)

Emma: Hey Dad!

Morgan: Yea! Em!

Emma: Yea um...... I was wondering (Ravi interrupted her)

Ravi: Mr. Daddy?

Morgan: Yea Bud?

Ravi: Will you come to the reptile club meeting this weekend with me?

Morgan: Sure! Is that alright with you Em?

Emma: No Not ...Really

Morgan: Hey! What do you mean not really?

(By now the whole Ross clan, Including Bertram,Jessie ,And Christina were all in the living room)

Emma: I just mean that Its not fair!

Christina: What do you mean by not fair?

Emma: They get all the attention, just because their adopted!

Christina: Emma, what do you mean?

Emma: What I mean is ......... that you got to choose them! You had to have me!

(To be continued)

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