Julie Smith
Full Name

Julia Alexandra Smith


"Julie" By most people "chatterbox" By Luke "Jewel" By Katie



Date of Birth

March 18th, 1996

Resides in

New York


Student, dancer (she never dances, though)


Grace Smith

Jeffery Smith


Molly Smith

Star Smith

Honey Smith

Mark Smith


Ravi (crush) Jordon (crush)

First Episode

Long Lost Cousin

Last Episode

Trip to Texas

Portrayed By

Elle Fanning

Julia "Julie" Alexandra Smith is Jessie's cousin who appears in Long Lost Cousin. Many look at her and think, "Wow, she's a shy one." but they are totally wrong. Julie is an annoying chatterbox instead.


Julie is very annoying and talkative. Everyone thinks she's so shy at first but then once you get to know her, she can't stop talking! She is also is a total airhead like Luke.


Long Lost Cousin Jessie the Movie

Zuri Rides again Pt 1

Zuri Rides again Pt 2

Trip to Texas


Jessie PrescottEdit

Jessie thinks her cousin is very annoying, but she tries to overlook that, but always fails. Julie loves Jessie and thinks she's the best cousin ever!

Emma RossEdit

Emma thinks Julie has some fashion sense, but besides that, Emma thinks she is an airhead chatterbox

Jordan Ross

He thinks of Julie as an annoying chatterbox that won't leave her alone but she likes him.

Luke RossEdit

Luke happens to call her chatterbox because she is always talking and annoyes everyone. Julie thinks Luke is a 6 year old even though that is half his age. But, that is never said in ANY of the episodes.

Ravi RossEdit

Julie suddenly finds she likes Ravi more than she expected.

Zuri RossEdit

When Julie starts annoying Zuri, she sasses Julie, but of course, Julie doesn't listen, she just keeps talking. Julie knows Zuri is a sass teacher and wants Zuri to teach her how to sass.

Katie MarchEdit

Katie thinks Julie is really sweet and comes to overlook Julie's annoying side. Julie always likes to talk to Katie because she has great advice.

Mackenzie WillowsEdit

Julie thinks Mackenzie is a fairy because she is magic, but Mackenzie hates being called a fairy, so Mackenzie doesn't really like her. She says to her, "Listen fish and chips (because she's brittish), I AM NOT A fairy. I am A MYTHICAL CREATURE!"