When Mackenzie and Katie start hanging out more, Emma gets kinda jelous. Katie even comes up with a nickname for Mackenzie (Sweet Thing). At the end, Katie tells Emma this: "I will always be your BFF, even when Mackenzie is around!" Meanwhile, the kids are making a suprise anniversary party for their parents.


Scene 1Edit

(EMMA and MACKENZIE are in the living room talking as KATIE walks in)

KATIE- Hey Emma, hey Mackenzie!


(KATIE sits down on the couch)

EMMA- Is Skyler coming?

KATIE- I texted her, she still hasn't answered.

MACKENZIE- Maybe she's on the off button.

KATIE- What do you mean?

MACKENZIE- I think Skyler has an off button, on her arm.

KATIE- I don't get it.

MACKENZIE- Well, one day, she's your friend, and the other, she ignores you!

EMMA- No, it's not on her arm, it's on her leg, and I have proof!

KATIE- But Skyler's still really nice!

(SKYLER enters)

SKYLER- Hey swagger people!

EMMA- Hey, Skylar! Mackenzie has some news.

MACKENZIE- Ok, so, I kinda need something to get off my mind, from Luke.

KATIE- I'll hang out with you!

EMMA- I'll get you new clothes!

SKYLER- I'll sit back and relax and help Mackenzie finish her chips when she's home!


Scene 2Edit

(LUKE, RAVI, and ZURI are making a surprise party for their parents when the girls walk in. SKYLER runs up to LUKE and starts flirting with him)

SKYLER- Hey, Lukey Pukey!

LUKE- Go away!

SKYLER- (sings) Luke, Luke, Luke

Please marry me or im gonna

Puke, Puke, Puke

You're just so

Cute, Cute, Cute

Do you think that about

Me, Me, Me

Around you i gotta

Pee, pee, pee

Please marry me

LUKE- No, no, no GO!

MACKENZIE- I'm over you, Luke!

EMMA- Yeah, and she's gonna get all the help she can need!

SKYLER- Put what about Lukey Pukey?!

KATIE- Skyler, are you a creepy connie?

SKYLER- No, Why would you think that?!

KATIE- Because, your acting like one, and if you really want Luke to date you, you've gotta be calm and laid back. You don't want to be......creepy. (SKYLER ignores her)

EMMA- Well, were going to the park, and please don't follow us!

LUKE- If Macy's coming, then I'm definetely coming along!

SKYLER- Awwwww! You even made up a nickname for me! (Hugs him)

KATIE- Skyler, come on!

SKYLER- (lets go of LUKE) Oh, ok!

(The girls leave)

LUKE- I'll be at the park in 5 minutes!

Scene 3Edit

Zuri (on the phone with Ravi): Put the flowers in the vase.

(Ravi puts flour in a suitcase)

Ravi: Done.

Zuri: Okay. Now put the streamers on the wall.

Ravi: Um... alright then.

(He puts a leamer on a ball)

Zuri: Okay. I'm coming down to help.

(She enters from the elevator)

Ravi: Well, what do you think?


(Zuri leaves)

Ravi: Pooey.

(EMMA and her friends walk in, Katie and Mackenzie are talking a lot)

Katie- So that pink shirt she was wearing?

Mackenzie- Ug-Ly! I mean who would want to wear a shirt that looks like she got caught in a paper jam!

Ravi- Hi Emma, Katie, Mackenzie, (Looks at Skyler) You.

Skyler- How come your brothers look nothing alike?!

(Jessie enters)

Jessie- Ravi, what are you doing?!

Ravi- Mom and Dad are coming, it's their anniversary!

Jessie- Today?! Alright kids, let's get this room in Tip top shape!

Emma- Well were going to my room!

(The girls walk into Emma's room)

Katie- So Mackenzie, is this like new to you?

Mackenzie- No, this is the 7th time!

Emma- Ok guys, we got to think of something to get Mackenzie's mind off Luke

Mackenzie- Katie, she's fun to talk to and gives great advice!

Skyler- Since Luke's open, see ya!

(Skyler leaves)

Katie- Wow, you were right about the on and off button!

Mackenzie- Ok, let's make up a new nickname for me

Katie- How about Sweet thing!

(Emma looks sad)

Scene 4Edit

(All the kids, plus Katie and Mackenzie are ready for the surprise party, as the Ross parents calls Jessie, as she walks into the kitchen)

Jessie(on the phone)- Hello?

Christina- Hi, Jessie, we have some bad news.

Jessie- What is it?

Christina- We can't make it home in time for the anniversary

Jessie- Oh no! The kids will be crushed!

Christina- try to tell the kids

(Jessie hangs up and walks into a family room)

Jessie- Kids, your parents can't make it home in time.

(The kids start to cry as a video chat comes on)

Morgan- Hi kids!

Ross kids- Mom, dad!

Christina- I can see you have made a few new friends!

Emma- Oh, right! These are my friends, Katie and Mackenzie.

Katie- Hi Mr and Mrs Ross!

Morgan- Actually, I think we might be able to make it!

Everyone- Horray!

Scene 5Edit

(The party just ended and Katie and Emma are on the couch)

Emma- Katie, today, I felt like you were leaving me out!

Katie- Really, how?

Emma- Well, you were talking to Mackenzie a lot and it was like I wasn't there.

Katie- I wanted to help Mackenzie get her mind off of Luke, so I hung out with her a little more.

Emma- But couldnt you have let me join too?

Katie- I was wrong, We will always be best friends even when Mackenzie is around.

(They hug)

===Scene 6-Credits

Jessie- Is this really happening? I mean should I get a job? Well, I have a job but a real one?! Am I talking to myself, Ugh!

=THE END :)Edit