Jessie,Liv and Maddie cross patches when Liv and Maddie are invited to stay at the penthouse when Liv stars in Morgan Ross' new movie.


Scene 1Edit

At the Rooney's house

Liv: Maddie, Maddie, Guess What!

Maddie: Let me guess, your starring in a new movie.

Liv: How did your know?

Maddie's Confessional

Maddie: How did I know? Easy, every time that Liv calls my name with excitement I know it has to be something about singing or a movie.

Liv: I am starring in Morgan Ross' new movie.

Maddie: That's great.

Liv: I talked with mom and dad and Morgan and they said that it is okay that we stay at their penthouse.

Maddie: Than what are we doing here, shouldn't we be packing?

Liv runs to her room

Scene 2Edit

At the Ross' penthouse

Jessie: Emma, Luke, Ravi, Zuri come on we need to make sure that the penthouse is nice and clean so that your dad's movie star and her sister feels welcome.

Emma: Can I call Katie and Mackenzie to help?

Jessie: Whatever makes you clean faster.

Emma calls Katie and Macy

Katie and Macy come in.

Katie: What's going on in here?

Emma: My dad has a actress coming in to stay with us.

Jessie: The place looks great.

Liv and Maddie come in

Liv: Hey, Jessie, Hi everyone this is my twin sister Maddie

Everyone: Hi

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