Luke Ross

"Luke" by most people, "Mucas, Puke" Mackenzie's comment



Date of Birth

May 28th, 1999

Resides in

New York


Student, dancer, singer


Christina Ross

Morgan Ross


Ravi Ross

Zuri Ross

Emma Ross


Jessie Prescott (former crush)

Mackenzie Willows/Ross (girlfriend, future wife in dream)


Jamie Ross

First Episode

"New York, New Nanny"

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Cameron Micah Boyce

Lucas "Luke" Ross is a very mischievous boy adopted from Detroit. He is 14 years old and has a huge crush on Mackenzie Willows, his girlfriend He seems to not like Katie March, but she is really is really nice to him. Skyler likes him, and he tries to avoid ever seeing her.


He is very mischievous, and he appears to be a ladies man. He is obsessed with Mackenzie Willows, his crush. He was in a long distance  relationship with Mackenzie until Mackenzie came back


  • New York, New Nanny
  • The Talented Mr. Kipling
  • Used Karma
  • A Christmas Story
  • Star Wars
  • Glue Dunnit?: A Sticky Situation
  • Take the A Train..... I Think?
  • We Are So Grounded
  • Gotcha Day
  • The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling
  • Creepy Connie's Curtain Call
  • Creepy Connie Comes A'Callin'
  • Cattle Calls and Scary Walls
  • Tempest In A Teacup
  • Beauty and the Beasts
  • Zombie Tea Party 5
  • One Day Wonders
  • Zuri's New Old Friend
  • Are you Cooler Than a Fifth Grader?
  • Romancing The Crone
  • The Princess and The Pea Brain
  • World Wide Web of Lies
  • The Kid Whisperer
  • Badfellas
  • Evil Times Two
  • A Doll's Outhouse
  • Luke's New "Girlfriend"
  • The Secret
  • Doggy Days
  • A Broadway Billy Pt. 1
  • A Broadway Billy Pt. 2
  • The Just Friends Zone?
  • Emma's new friend
  • Katie+Mackenzie?
  • Club 363
  • Long Lost Cousin
  • New Job, New Focus
  • Jessie the Movie
  • You Snooze, You Lose Your Powers
  • JANTsie
  • Zuri Rides Again pt1 and 2

more coming soon, YO!


Mackenzie Willows

see Lackenzie

Ravi Ross

see Lavi

Jessie Prescott

see Lessie

Creepy Connie

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