Mystery girl2
Rebecca Snow plays Mystery Girl.

Hi! My name is 16.505225cb, and I interviewed Rebecca Snow!! (Bold is me)

Interview: Hi, my name is Rebecca Snow

Hello, so how is it working as Mystery Girl?

It's fun!! It's funny how people try to figure out my name and what I look like and ya.

So. You are working with Jessie characters. How is that?

Amazing! I'd never thought I'd ever get to see them! (And plus, the marshmallow wars are pretty fun :))

Marshmellow Wars.... Ok... How about the guest stars? How is it working with them?

Oh, that's an interesting one. Well, I certainly didn't expect so many guest stars. The only ones I really thought would be on the show were Katie March, Mackenzie Willows, and well, me, of course, but it's fun seeing what the Jessie characters have in store!!!

But Katie and Macy aren't guest stars anymore, right?

Yes, And I'm SAD about that.

Rebecca Snow with JESSIE Letters

Her on the JESSIE Theme Song

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