Rosie Liotta
Full Name

Rosanna Noel Liotta





Date of Birth

June 20th, 1998

Resides in

New York




Margret Liotta

John Liotta


Vincent Liotta


Luke (crush)

First Episode

Jessie the Movie

Last Episode

Jessie the Movie

Portrayed By

Beatrice Miller

Rosie appeared in Jessie the Movie as a Mean girl trying to use Emma. Her brother is Vincent Liotta. She is portrayed by Beatrice Miller


She's really mean, but she can show a soft side sometimes. But when she does, it's usually to Emma. She also a quite talented dancer. She has danced since she was 2 years old and almost won Disneyland idol but Club 363 won instead.When she gets mean, she says bad things about other people and tries to pull their string. 


Vincent LiottaEdit

Vincent is Rosie's adopted brother. They fight a lot, but they usually like to trick other people together.

Jessie PrescottEdit

Jessie doesn't like Rosie. She thinks she is a bad infloence on kids, so she tells the kids not to hang out with her.

Emma RossEdit

Rosie tried to drag Emma into her spell in Jessie the Movie, but Emma came back to her senses.

Luke RossEdit

Luke likes a lot of girls especially Jessie Prescott and Mackenzie Willows. He is also a handful for everyone.

Zuri RossEdit

Zuri hates Rosie, she's always giving Rosie sass. But, she finds Rosie's sassing to be a quite failure.

Mackenzie WillowsEdit

Mackenzie hates Rosie and Emma enough said.

Katie MarchEdit

In Jessie the Movie, Katie pulled Emma away from Rosie, and Katie doesn't like her.

Julie SmithEdit

They never talk, they never smile at each other, almost like one or the other is invisible.


  • Mainly everyone hates her.
  • And Mainly she hates everybody.
  • Beatrice Miller, the girl who played Rosie, is a former X Factor contenstant.

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