emma:hey mom

luke: hey mom


Emma:mom there is a big fashion show this weekend can u come with me?

Luke:mom there is a huge wresgling match can u come with me?

Christina: sure luke (whisper to emma) sorry em luke is adopted

Emma : it is okay

(later on)

zuri: hey Jessie there is going to be a speech In the park to help save the trees can u come with

Emma:jessie can u come with me to a student council meeting

Jessie: sure zuri (whisper) sorry emma zuri is adopted

Emma:it is okay

(later on)

ravi:hey dad can u come with me to a lizard comppetion?

morgan: sure bud

(emma walks up morgan knowing what emma was going to say)

morgan: sorry sweetheart ravi is adopted

(emma goes outside and asks if she could join the game)

Luke: sorry emma this only for kids who are adopted

Emma: meanie

Luke,ravi,zuri: u r mean

(emma storms off slaming the door hearing the slam Christina and morgan and even Bertram go to see what happened)

Christina : emma what is wrong

Emma : everybody hates me including u two just because I was not adopted

Morgan: emma...

Emma : oh right the reason u two were there for all of their gotcha and birth days I don't have a gotcha day and u have missed two of my birthdays but now I get it u got to pick them but u had to have me

to be continued

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