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Emma-Which scary movie should we watch? Luke- How about The Hook of Death? Emma-Alright. After scary movie...

Emma-That was a scary good movie. Zuri,why are you hiding under the blanket?

Zuri-I'm scared the hook will get me.

Ravi-Oh please Zuri, scary movies are not real.

Bertram-Did you watch that hook movie? That was a silly movie.

Emma-Uh, yeah.

Bertram-Oh please, even Zuri is scared?

That night...............

Bertram-I'll show them what a hook is. Gladly,I got my fishing rod.

Bertram used his fishing rod to grab Emma's sleeping bag

Emma-HELPPPPP! Everyone woke up.

They all gasped.

Zuri felt something on her skirt.

Luke- Uh Zuri?

Zuri turned around and screamed.


Luke and Ravi looked out the window. They noticed it was Bertram.

All the kids-BERTRAM?!

All the kids- You no good fisherman!!!

The episode ends.

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