The Suite Life Of Jessie & Austin & Ally is a 90-minute special JESSIE, Austin And Ally and Suite Life On Deck event which follows JESSIE as it meets Suite Life On Deck and Austin & Ally.

Air Date:April 22,2013.

Plot summaryEdit

Part 1- Zach and Cody return to the Tipton Hotel for a weekend and they realize that their mom is sick. Now, they search to find a singer. When Jessie and Emma arrive for Austin Moon's concert, the boys decide to ask her to sing. Meanwhile, London reunites with Maddie.

Part 2- Jessie and Maddie become fast friends while Emma and London meet as well. Thwe four become fast friends and decide to go to the concert together. When they arrive, they realize that someone stole their tickets and realize they can't go. They run into Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez at the last minute and they get in just in time.

Part 3- Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez begin to drive home but their car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. They call Jessie and Emma for help the two soon come for Austin's rescue.


Cole Sprouse as Cody  Parts 1-2

Dylan Sprouse as Zach Parts 1-2

Brenda Song as London Parts 1-2

Phill Lewis as Moseby Part 1

Debby Ryan as Jessie Parts 1-3

Peyton List as Emma Parts 1-3

Ross Lynch as Austin Parts 2-3

Laura Morano as Ally Parts 2-3

Raini Rodriquez as Trish Parts 2-3

Calum Worthy as Dez Parts 2-3


  • This is a 90-minute special episode of JESSIE.
  • The Suite Life On Deck and Austin & Ally each have their own part but the whole episode is a JESSIE.
  • Ashley Tisdale appears in the first two parts.
  • The episode is the secnd time Jessie has met Austin & Ally.

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