Jessie Prescott- 18 year old nanny that is forgetful

Emma Ross- A teen who is Ditzy, bubbly, and a fashionista

Luke Ross- Another teen (Ladies Man)

Ravi Ross- An Indian child recently adopted into the family

Zuri Ross- A little girl with a lot of Sass

Mackenzie Willows- A teen who is brave, strong, and not very girly, Emma's Best Friend

Katie March- A bubbly teen girl, Emma's Best Friend, VERY GIRLY, and very nice

Lisa Morris- Jessie's favorite

Hannah Hills- One of Emma's Friends

Script by Isabella G


Scene 1

(EMMA is inviting MACKENZIE, KATIE, LISA, and HANNAH into her house.  They Just finished trick-or wiener)

LUKE- what the hell guys what are you dressed up as a bunch of bitches

EMMA-stop cursing look you are such an asshole and a dick 

LUKE- please suck on my pinus

MACKENZIE-  yes only if you suck my breast

EMMA-i hate you guys you are just such a fucking bitch (runs away crying)

JESSIE- eat dicks as candy,Luke, we're going trick-or-treating, you wanna come?

LUKE- No!! i am having sex with mackenzie

RAVI- Trick-or-treating is for everyone, Luke!

LUKE- I'll pass.

(JESSIE, RAVI, and ZURI go into the elevator as the GIRLS come downstairs)

EMMA- Luke!!!  Katie decided we should play truth or dare because she downloaded this app called truth or do u dare.. u in ?

LUKE- OK, one round.

(EVERYONE sits on the floor and waits for KATIE to type in all the names)

Scene 2

(JESSIE, RAVI, and ZURI are looking for candy)

ZURI- (angry) It's Halloween night!!!  Where's all the candy?!?!

JESSIE- Calm down, Zuri.  I'm sure we'll find some!

(JESSIE rubs ZURI's back, and the group starts looking for more candy)

RAVI- What if there's no more candy?!

JESSIE- Ravi, there IS candy.

RAVI- Then how come I don't see any?

JESSIE- Maybe this street doesn't have very Spirited families.  Lets go to another street. All those things I done please let me find  candy or else I'll be but In a candy wrapper

Scene 3

(MACKENZIE and LUKE are walking down the stairs.  LUKE is wrapped up like a mummy)

MACKENZIE- Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Luke the mummy!

(All the girls laugh and the elevator opens with kids, KATIE walks over)

KIDS- Trick-or-Treat!!

KATIE- (nervous) I'm so sorry, but we have no candy!!

KID 1- Oh yes you do!!!

(The KIDS run into the Kitchen, Followed by KATIE and EMMA)

KATIE- There's no candy!!!!!

KID 2- Does a ghost have it?!

EMMA- There's no such thing as ghosts!!!

(the KIDS gasp)

KID 3- Yes there is!!!!!!!

KID 4- Let's just leave.  I don't need no oldies bossing me around.

(The KIDS leave but KATIE and EMMA stay)

KATIE- Really, Emma, Really?!?!

EMMA- What!? And did u not hear that kid call me old I'm 14 not Bertram's age

KATIE- There 9 year old kids!!! And that doesn't matter!!!!!!  They don't need to know that!

EMMA- You sound like Jessie!!

(KATIE gets angry and her face gets red)

EMMA- Katie, take a chill pill.... let's just play the game!

Scene 4

(JESSIE, ZURI, and RAVI walk up to the first house, and LADY 1 opens the door)

JESSIE, RAVI, ZURI- Trick or treat!

LADY 1- Howdy, ya'll!  Want some biscuits?

JESSIE- Excuse me, but are yo making fun of Texans?

LADY 1- (Looses enthusiasm) Whaddaya Think?!

RAVI- Jessie, just walk away.... Just walk aw-

JESSIE- (cuts Ravi off) Us texans happen to be very friendly!

LADY 1- Well, that's my problem!

Jessie: yea well _ well

(ZURI closes the door and drags JESSIE to the next house with RAVI)

ZURI- Jessie, you need to calm down!!!

JESSIE- Sorry about that, kids...

(JESSIE knocks on the next door and LADY 2 opens it)

ZURI- Mrs. Wiener?

LADY 2- Zuri?

ZURI- Wow, I though you lived in Spain!! (to JESSIE) this is my speech teacher!

LADY 2- (laughs) Hello, Mrs.............Ross?

JESSIE- I'm their nanny, Jessie. (Reaches out to shake LADY 2's hand, instead, LADY 2 gives them candy and slowly closes the door) What was that all about?

ZURI- Mrs. Wiener doesn't like me.

JESSIE- why, Zuri?

ZURI- Because.... let's just say I'm very loud... and hot​ blooded

Scene 5


MACKENZIE- Come on, Katie, let's start the game.

KATIE- Okay, fine! Okay... I go first and I do truth!

MACKENZIE- I'll be the question giver then

KATIE- kay!

MACKENZIE: Okay. The question is... have you ever kissed a guy?

KATIE- This is easy! No!

MACKENZIE- UGGH, really, Katie? Fine!

KATIE- Next is... Mackenzie!

MACKENZIE: Oooh yay!



KATIE- Describe someone in the group in less than ten words, everyone guesses who you are describing.

MACKENZIE- Funny, Annoying, Gross-


(Everyone shouts "LUKE!")

LUKE:Well I'm offended.

KATIE: this is the last one for Mackenzie: Truth or dare?

MACKENZIE- Dare, of course!

KATIE: Kay. ... Give the player on your left an auntie kiss. Use lipstick and leave  A PRINT!

MACKENZIE: Eww. I'm not kissing Luke. 

LUKE: I'm all for it!

KATIE: If you don't, you have to do the Dare Breaker Penalty

MACKENZIE-ahhh U wouldn't UGH, fine. (Gets lipstick out of Emma's purse, puts it on, kisses Luke on the cheek, Luke faints)


Scene 6

Jessie: so far we have 3 pieces of candy

Zuri: 3 pieces that's not even enough not enough candy to get a sugar rush and bounce off the Walls like a psychotic person 

Ravi: and u wonder why no 1 likes u

Zuri: rude 

Ravi: rude

Zuri: I'll show u rude

Ravi: bring it sister(Jessie grabs her)

Jessie: violence isn't the answer, for example

Zuri: your acting career

Jessie: rude

.   Scene 7

Jessie: Zuri I'm sorry u didn't get any candy to reach it sugar rush goal

Zuri: truth is there isn't any goal I just. Needed enough candy for midnight snacks

Luke: best Halloween eva I got kissed by a girl

zuri: maybe she had to much candy

Jessie: so Emma how was it Halloween

Emma:ugh it was the worst some kid called me old

Zuri: that's why u have gray hair on the growing

Luke: and a mustache

Ravi: and wrinkles

Burtrum: emma where r those pimples coming from

Emma: aaaaaah (runs) 

Jessie: kids that is not nice but hilarious (high fives the kids and laughs)

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