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Jessie: Luke. Did you forget something?

Luke: nope.

Jessie:So what present are you getting Mackenzie?

Luke: You know i like her, but why would i get her a present today?

Jessie: Maybe because it's her birthday! 

Luke: I think I know when my exgirlfriend's birthday is. (checks the calender.) Hey look! Wait what?!!! IT'S MACKENZIE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY?!!!!!! (Jumps on the couch; Mackenzie comes in through the elevator)

Mackenzie: Um, Luke, what are you doing?

Luke umm not talking about your birthday that's for sure

(Jordan walks in the room)

Jordan hey Mack here is your birthday present I know that we haven't gotten on the wrong foot and we still haven't here u go and happy birthday

(Jordan gives Mackenzie the present)

(Mackenzie: thank u I wonder with my favorite boy gave me

(Mackenzie leaves the room )

Jordan; she gonna be wondering alright

Luke: can u help me give Her a present

Jordan: U need help she came her for 19 days and tall to u what she wanted for her birthday for 7 hours

Luke : to be honest I was dreaming about girls

Jessie: wow how did that work out for u

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