(Z/uri & Emma) is the sisterly-platonic pairing of Zuri Ross and Emma Ross. Emma tends to be a good big sister to Zuri as seen in many episodes.


Shipped Characters

Emma & Zuri



Zemma MomentsEdit

Used KarmaEdit

  • Emma puts a foam tiara on Zuri’s head. Then hugs her

Zombie Tea Party 5Edit

  • Zuri invites Emma to her tea party.
  • Zuri is very upset when she finds out that Emma can't come to her tea party.
  • Emma has plans but when she is blown off, she participates in Zuris tea party, which cheers her up.
  • Zuri saves a seat for Emma even when she thought she wasn't going to come.
  • Emma and Zuri play together at the tea party and they seem to have a strong bond.

A Christmas StoryEdit

  • Emma lifts Zuri up on Bertram's back to put the ornament on. then she holds her hand.
  • Zuri and Emma are wearing matching pajamas and slippers when their parents arrive.
  • Zuri sits on Emma's lap when they talk to their parents.

Take the A-Train... I Think?Edit

  • Zuri asks Jessie if she can have Emma's room.

Tempest in a TeacupEdit

  • Zuri and Emma are planning for Tony and Jessie's mystery-filled fourth "first date".
  • Zuri and Emma were singing a rap song together.